The 100 Most Used Clojure Expressions

November 14, 2015
Would you like to optimize your learning of Clojure? Would you like to focus on learning only the most useful parts of the language first? Take this lesson from second language learning: learn the expressions in order of frequency of use.

3 Things Java Programmers Can Steal from Clojure

March 09, 2013
Many of the cool parts of Clojure are written in Java. That means you can access those parts from any Java code. Just include the Clojure JAR, import the classes, and you've got better tools.

Some Annotated clojure.core/reduce Examples

July 21, 2015
reduce is a very useful function. You can use it for many calculations over a collection. Code annotations are useful, as are physical metaphors.

Annotated map

July 29, 2015
map is one of the staples of functional programming. It's totally useful and also surprisingly simple. Let's look at some examples and annotated code.

The arguments against web frameworks

June 20, 2017
We explore three arguments against frameworks, address them, then turn them into challenges to be overcome.

Atom code explanation

August 28, 2014
I go over a real-world example of how atoms and immutable values allow you to compose constructs in ways that are easy to reason about and less prone to error.

How I made my Clojure database tests 5x faster

June 17, 2015
Setting up and tearing down a test database can be slow. Use a rolled back transaction to quickly reset the database to a known state. You can do that in an `:each` fixture to run each test in isolation.

2 Features of Clojure Editors Professionals Won't Do Without

November 28, 2015
Professional Clojure programmers rely on certain features of their editors to help them program. When choosing an editor, it's important to pick one that has these two important features: REPL integration and structural editing.

Clojure Gazette Looking Forward

January 19, 2015
I am looking for more sponsors for the Clojure Gazette and I need your help.

Clojure Hashmaps

March 17, 2016
Clojure hashmaps are one of the workhorse data structures in Clojure. There are two main patterns commonly used. We also discuss some interesting properties.