Church vs Curry Types

July 15, 2014
Static vs dynamic typing debates often flounder because the debators see from two different perspectives without knowing it. Learning to identify the two perspectives can calm the discussion. The tension between the two perspectives has led to Gradual Typing and other technologies.

CSS has Weak Forms of Abstraction and Combination

February 08, 2014
According to the requirements proposed by Abelson and Sussman, CSS does not provide adequate means of combination and abstraction to be considered a powerful language.

LESS has Better Forms of Abstraction than CSS

February 12, 2014
LESS has obviously better forms of abstraction and combination than CSS. It has recursive style definitions, which is enough to consider it a "powerful language".

Lisp with Macros is Two Languages

October 08, 2013
Lisp with macros can be seen as two languages, each with different semantics. The base language can be interpreted directly, whereas the result of interpreting the macro language is to produce a new program in the base language.

Two Kinds of Bootstrapping

August 23, 2014
I like languages with a small core that is extensible. The languages tend to be weird and require less code to bootstrap.