Pre-West Prep 2015

March 17, 2015
Prepare for Clojure/West with media from around the web and interviews.

Pre-West Prep: Alan Dipert and Micha Niskin

March 18, 2015
Alan Dipert and Micha Niskin will talk about Boot.

Pre-West Prep: Anthony Marcar

March 18, 2015
Anthony Marcar will talk about Clojure in the enterprise.

Pre-West Prep: Boris Kourtoukov

March 18, 2015
Boris Kourtoukov will talk about Clojure and wearables.

Pre-West Prep: Brandon Bloom

March 20, 2015
Brandon Bloom will talk about Om.

Pre-West Prep: Bruce Hauman

March 20, 2015
Bruce Hauman will speak about Figwheel.

Pre-West Prep: Christopher Small

March 20, 2015
Christopher Small will speak about raising chickens with Clojure.

Pre-West Prep: Colin Fleming

March 21, 2015
Colin Fleming will talk about debugging in Cursive.

Pre-West Prep: Dan Lidral-Porter

March 21, 2015
Dan Lidral-Porter will talk about computer-generated art in Clojure.

Pre-West Prep: Elango Cheran

March 21, 2015
Elango Cheran will talk about writing Clojure in other spoken languages.