Announcing: LispCast Intro to clojure.test

February 23, 2015
The next course will be about clojure.test. Sign up to be notified when it is published.

How I made my Clojure database tests 5x faster

June 17, 2015
Setting up and tearing down a test database can be slow. Use a rolled back transaction to quickly reset the database to a known state. You can do that in an `:each` fixture to run each test in isolation.

clojure.test cheatsheet

May 03, 2015
I made a clojure.test cheatsheet that you can get for free.

Clojure Test Directory

March 30, 2015
Where to put your tests is a common question. You could put them anywhere, but you want to pick a place that makes it easy to find, easy to exclude from production, and work well with your tools. My recommendation is to follow what most projects do, which takes care of all of these requirements.

LispCast Intro to clojure.test

March 28, 2015
LispCast Intro to clojure.test will launch this week.

Pre-conj Prep: Ashton Kemerling

September 26, 2014
Ashton Kemerling will talk about Generative Integration Tests.

Pre-Conj Interview: Ashton Kemerling

October 20, 2014
Ashton Kemerling interview about generative testing.

Pre-West Prep: Ryan Neufeld

April 05, 2015
Ryan Neufeld will talk about simulation testing.

TDD Workflow in Clojure using Emacs with CIDER

June 08, 2015
TDD is about fast feedback. CIDER tightens the feedback loop with quick commands for running tests and a powerful test reporting system.

How can you test ClojureScript applications and libraries?

September 19, 2015
Although it's still early, ClojureScript is rapidly maturing its testing story. There are a Leiningen plugin and a Boot task for autocompiling ClojureScript as it changes and running tests in a variety of engines.