Church vs Curry Types

July 15, 2014
Static vs dynamic typing debates often flounder because the debators see from two different perspectives without knowing it. Learning to identify the two perspectives can calm the discussion. The tension between the two perspectives has led to Gradual Typing and other technologies.

Hindley-Milner in Clojure

January 13, 2014
I wrote a lambda-calculus interpreter and an implementation of Hindley-Milner to type check it.

On Type Unity

November 02, 2013
Languages with strong, dynamic types (like Scheme) are actually single-typed languages, not untyped languages. Some would say this is restrictive, but this unity of type is a source of their strength.

Pre-West Prep: Nathan Sorenson

April 15, 2015
Nathan Sorenson will talk about type systems and macros.

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant interviewed about Typed Clojure

October 08, 2013

Way back in May 2012, Ambrose was beginning work on Typed Clojure for Google Summer of Code. I interviewed him to get an idea of what kind of type system we could expect. Since he's now running a very successful crowd funding campaign, I thought I'd bring up this blast from the past.

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Scala: sharp and gets things cut

October 08, 2013

Michael Fogus is right (as usual) about this one. Someone with Odersky's stature should not fear lack of humility but instead lack of confidence.

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