What my daughter's blocks teach us about learning

March 10, 2016
My daughter's blocks taught her to match shapes with a lot of fast feedback. Fast feedback is a powerful tool to learn any skill. I analyze how the blocks helped my daughter learn and compare it to learning Clojure.

Master one skill at a time

March 10, 2016
Research shows that developing mastery of a large skill is best done by mastering smaller skills that you can achieve 90% accuracy in very quickly. LispCast Introduction to Clojure has broken the skills you need down for you.

Practice as soon as possible

March 10, 2016
Much of the difficulty of learning a new language is caused by knowing more than you are comfortable doing. It's so important to get started practicing real programming as soon as possible.

The Importance of Embodied Metaphors

March 04, 2016
LispCast Introduction to Clojure teaches Clojure with an "interactive bakery simulation". The reason is that metaphors that you can embody are a great way to learn abstract things like programming.

Why I start teaching Clojure with Imperative Programming

March 03, 2016
LispCast Introduction to Clojure starts with 30 minutes of imperative programming. We write programs for their effects, so imperative is a great place to start.

deftype vs defrecord

March 03, 2016
There are two commonly used ways to create new data types in Clojure, deftype and defrecord. They are similar but are intended to be used in two distinct use cases. deftype is for programming constructs and defrecord is for domain constructs.

What are macros?

March 03, 2016
Macros are one of the most talked about features of Lisp. They are a powerful way to extend the language without modifying the compiler.

Locks vs Concurrency Primitives

February 29, 2016
Many people have asked me why Clojure has concurrency primitives. Aren't locks good enough? A humorous metaphor is elaborated.

All about clojure.set

February 29, 2016
clojure.set is part of the standard library that comes with Clojure. It has functions for doing set operations and relational algebra.

What is Clojure?

February 27, 2016
Clojure is a general purpose programming language designed for the fast-approaching future.