Pre-conj Prep: Anna Pawlicka

September 25, 2014

Talk: Om nom nom nom


Anna Pawlicka's talk at the conj is about Om, David Nolen's project, started in December of 2013. It's essentially a wrapper around Facebook's React. It's a way to define HTML components functionally and has been making quite a splash.

David Nolen's talk at Clojure/West relates Om and React to the history of the GUI. It's the best high-level introduction I can imagine and discusses the ideas that motivated its design. If you watch one video to prepare for this talk, this should be it.

For a good talk about React itself, check out Pete Hunt's talk Be Predictable, Not Correct. He's one of the main contributors to React and has been evangelizing it.

Why it matters

React is significant because it is very different from other Javascript MVC frameworks. It takes a very functional approach instead of object oriented. React makes much easier to reason about the UI. Om has also made waves because David Nolen has shown that using ClojureScript's immutable data structures with React can be faster than Backbone.js (a very popular library) even though immutable data is commonly considered slower than mutable data.

About Anna Pawlicka

Twitter - Github - Blog

Anna Pawlicka recently gave a talk at EuroClojure about Reactive data visualisations with Om. The slides are available (they're not visible in the video).

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