Pre-conj Prep: Lucas Cavalcanti and Edward Wible

October 01, 2014

Talk: Exploring Four Hidden Superpowers of Datomic

Lucas Cavalcanti and Edward Wible's talk at the conj is about Datomic, a database that extends the concurrency semantics of Clojure into a distributed database. They have created generic solutions to common problems using Datomic.


Datomic is an append-only database. That means you never delete or modify existing records. It appears that the speakers have used this property to solve some tricky problems, including HTTP caching, audit trails, mobile sync, and authorization. A nice introduction is this talk by Rich Hickey.

Why it matters

Datomic is a relatively new database and people are still working out the best usage patterns for it. Its data model is quite flexible, so you often have to enforce your own structure. While that may be more work, the promise is that lots of other problems with traditional databases become non-issues. This talk promises to show us a glimpse of those practical benefits of Datomic.

About Lucas Cavalcanti

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About Edward Wible


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