Pre-conj Prep: Michał Marczyk

October 06, 2014

Talk: Persistent Data Structures for Special Occasions

Michał Marczyk's talk at the conj is about Persistent Data Structures that are available as libraries to Clojure. Given Michał Marczyk's contributions, this should be a great talk.


Clojure comes with several Persistent Data Structures built-in. There is no need to copy them to share them, since they are immutable. And they are efficient at making modified copies as well, since they share structure. A great introduction to Clojure's Persistent Data Structures is this talk by Rich Hickey. For a deeper dive into how they work, check out Daniel Spiewak's talk.

Why it matters

Although the built-in data structures are great, there's no reason not to have more! Other data structures might be more appropriate at different times, given that they have different performance characteristics. It's great that there is development in these areas.

About Michał Marczyk


Michał Marczyk has written several persistent data structures in use by lots of us every day. He wrote the map and set types for ClojureScript, along with transients.

This post is one of a series called Pre-conj Prep.

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