Pre-conj Prep: Steve Miner

October 09, 2014

Talk: Generating Generators

Steve Miner's talk at the conj is about automatically creating test.check generators from a data-driven schema.


Steve Miner is the author of the Herbert schema library. In Herbert, schemas are presented as plain EDN. They describe the structure and type of data. You can take a value and validate that it conforms to the schema. He is going to present a way to generate test.check generators from the schema. This way, you can do runtime checks and test-time checks. A good intro to Herbert is Steve Miner's lightning talk from Clojure/conj last year. Reid Draper gave a talk about test.check at Clojure/West.

Why it matters

test.check contains a set of combinators to create new generators from existing generators. But combinators are not very easy to read or write when the data they are generating is fairly complex. Being able to generate them automatically from a declarative, data-driven style is one way to make it easier.

Besides being easier, it also unifies the contracts (schema validation in function preconditions) with generative testing. The next domino would have to be building core.typed type signatures from the same data.

About Steve Miner

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