Pre-conj Prep: Steven Yi

October 10, 2014

Talk: Developing Music Systems on the JVM with Pink and Score

Steven Yi's talk at the conj is about music systems on the JVM, focusing on two systems he built, called Pink and Score.


Pink is a library for signal generation and processing and event handling. It is designed as a low-level library to use to build your own audio system. It is written in Clojure.

Score is a library for composing musical scores. Those scores are generic, so that they can be played by a variety of backend systems. Score is written in Clojure.

Why it matters

Electronic music is an interesting field. It is one that Lisp has been applied to for many years. To paraphrase Sam Aaron, creator of Overtone, Clojure's high-level allows a programmer to leverage programming ability to create better music. Pink and Score join Overtone and Rich Hickey's Harmonikit as music systems developed in Clojure.

About Steven Yi

Github - Twitter - Blog

Steven Yi is the author of the Blue Integrated Music Environment. He is also a core developer of Csound.

This post is one of a series called Pre-conj Prep.

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