Pre-conj Prep: Zach Oakes

October 12, 2014

Talk: Making Games at Runtime with Clojure

Zach Oakes' talk at the conj is about making games in a dynamic programming environment.


Clojure, and Lisps in general, are famous for dynamic programming. That means being able to modify the program as it is running without restarting it. Wouldn't it be nice to develop games in this way? It seems like the perfect fit, since video games are so visual, you'd want to see what your code changes look like very quickly. This talk will explore this. Nightmod is a development environment written by Zach Oakes to modify a game in one window while it is running in another. It is based on the play-clj library, which he also wrote.

Why it matters

Game programming is a huge industry dominated by static languages with long code-compile-run cycles. Games cost millions of dollars to make, so even small improvements in developer productivity can save lots of money.

But further, games are hugely complex systems that are often on the cutting edge of programming. Functional programming has a lot to say about complex systems, yet there has not been a lot of functional programming in commercial games. The domain is ripe for exploration and discovery.

About Zach Oakes


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